2022 Council on Legislation Adopted Enactments

2022 Council on Legislation Adopted Enactments (pdf)
The Council on Legislation, the governing body of Rotary International (RI), met in downtown Chicago, April 10-14, 2022. Over 90 Enactments were proposed, making changes to Rotary’s Bylaws, the RI Constitution or Club Constitution. Of the Enactments proposed, 29 were adopted and will be implemented by RI Staff or the RI Board. The attached file includes all details on the adopted enactments.

RI Directors’ All Calls

RI Directors’ All Calls (link)
RI Directors in Zones 33-34 host an update call following each RI Board meeting. Dates are posted on the Zone calendar, and all past, present and future District Governors receive an email invitation.

Recipe for Changing Club Culture

Recipe for Changing Club Culture (doc)
Tried and proven, can't-miss, step-by-step recipe for changing the culture of a Rotary Club. While focused on membership, this same formula can be used for any intended culture change in Rotary or any other organization. Rotary clubs are as resistant to change as any organization - perhaps more than most. That's because the club inherits a culture over time and that culture is propagated by the self-selection of members. It takes an intentional, stepwise approach to move the needle.

Rotary Club Health Check

Rotary Club Health Check (link)
A comprehensive, introspective look at your club and the club experience you're providing your members. Worth a Board meeting or Club Assembly to take a hard look at what's keeping members -- or perhaps driving them away.

Committee Chair Expectations Worksheet

Committee Chair Expectations Worksheet (doc)
Worksheet outline for defining a Committee Chair's role and responsibilities. The first step in holding volunteers accountable is making sure they're totally clear on what they're signing up to do. Editable MSWord file.