2022-23 Theme Graphics Files

2022-23 Theme Graphics Files (pptx)
The 2022-23 Theme Logo downloads from RI in a different format than past logos. When INSERTED (Insert Picture) into a PowerPoint or Word file, it is downsampled to very poor resolution and when expanded only slightly (worse if full screen) it is pixelated, fuzzy and unslghtly. There are some workarounds that are dicey, and only work on the individual PPT or Word file where you make those changes. In this PowerPoint file are “good” copies all 3 versions of the logo -- a horizontal version that should work well as a PPT Slide footer, a more “square” version that will be handy on thing like badges and a “lockup” set with the RI Logo for special situations. To use these, SAVE the PPT somewhere it’s easy to retrieve. When you need a logo, open the PPT, then COPY the version you want and PASTE it into the Word or PPT file where you need it.