Jacksonville Club Membership Strategy

Jacksonville Club Membership Strategy (link)
Zone 34 Large clubs recorded session of Jacksonville Club President Jim Agee sharing their strategy to turn around the club's membership decline. Learn their key decisions and continuing strategies to create a growing, vibrant, traditional legacy club. Rotary Coordinator Mike Darragh provides context and introduction of Jim. 27 minutes of presentation followed by 15 minutes of Q&A.

How to Make Your Club Irresistible

How to Make Your Club Irresistible (pdf)
Is your club irresistible? Is your club one that you would get up early on a Friday in winter for, because you don’t want to miss it? Here are some places you'll want to look to assess your club's attractiveness to not only prospective members but also existing members. In general, we focus on the people who are there. But what we actually need to understand is what’s going on with the people who don’t choose to be there.

Discover Rotary Explained

Discover Rotary Explained (link)
This is both an explanation and an example of a Rotary Information Hour (Discover Rotary) session. Sandy Olson, D-7750 District Membership Chair and Discover Rotary Evangelist, gives an overview of what a Discover Rotary session looks like, interspersed with "how-to" ideas and instructions. Sandy's full slide set and Discover Rotary script are available by searching on "Discover" on RIZones33-34.org.

Zone 34 Monthly Membership Trends & Success Track

Zone 34 Monthly Membership Trends & Success Track (link)
Monthly membership trends by District for Zone 34. Use the quick links at the top or scroll down to your District's graph. The Success Track is the green dashed line on the graph and the current year is the blue line. 2021-22 (prior year) is the red diamonds.

Club President’s Membership Success Checklist

Club President’s Membership Success Checklist (pdf)
Here's a 1-page Success Plan for a Rotary Club President. Pay attention to only what's important in a membership organization - consistent, moderate growth of membership. Avoid other bright, shiny objects. In a club that gets membership right, everything else comes along for the ride. Here's a ONE PAGE checklist for successful club presidents, courtesy of District 7620.

Classification/Vocation Gap Analysis

Classification/Vocation Gap Analysis (pdf)
It is far more effective to arm your members with a list of gaps in your membership of industries, vocations, business types or professions and asking members to specifically target their prospecting efforts on those. To prompt your thinking, here’s a partial list of businesses/professions that you might consider as potential Rotarians.

Zones 33-34 Membership Action Plan (MAP) Page

Zones 33-34 Membership Action Plan (MAP) Page (link)
Zones 33-34 Membership Action Plan page - Videos from monthly Membership Action Plan (MAP) webinars, upcoming events and other valuable resources.

Zone 34 Membership Goal Setting Worksheets

Zone 34 Membership Goal Setting Worksheets (link)
Goal-Setting Worksheets by District. One page per club. Details past 5 years of membership history, average attrition rate, average attraction rate, average number of members terminated per year. Facilitates goal setting based on actual data and helps clubs forecast total number of new members needed for consistent, moderate membership growth.